Christmas Letter 2017

Our year was bookended with two special family events. My brother John getting married in February to my gorgeous new sister Kaitlin. Emily, Edward and Lucy were in the bridal party. What a wonderful day! In November my brother Daniel and his family visited from Seattle. After almost two years it was lovely to spend […]

Christmas Letter 2016

We started 2016 with the arrival of Matthew Alexander Shanhun on the 5th of January (one week overdue). He has been an absolute delight and a lovely happy and placid baby. Matthew’s just starting to chatter (and say Dad!), pull himself up to stand and has 7 teeth. Emily has enjoyed a full year. As […]

The Shanhun Family in 2015

Emily celebrated her sixth birthday on the 2nd of June with a fancy dress party. She dressed as Elsa from Frozen (and all the other girls came as princesses too!). Emily has enjoyed year one of school, swimming lessons and jazz and tap dancing in Tinies A at Gail Meade Academy of Performing Arts. Edward […]

Welcome Matthew Alexander

We are thrilled to welcome a new addition to our family – Matthew Alexander Shanhun! Matthew was born on the 5th of January (a week overdue). He weighed 7lb 7oz (3.385kg) and was 49cm long. We are all doing well and enjoying getting to know our new little boy.    You’ll be sure to see photos of baby Matthew […]

December 18th, 20th 21st

Some of you may know our little girl was in hospital for a couple of weeks in November. Then on Wednesday she knocked her baby tooth back at a horrible angle (which was painful and not good, since she’s only 4 it needs to stay in for a while longer. The tooth seems to be […]

The Shanhuns in 2014

2014 was another year filled with joy for the Shanhun family! February was the beginning of the school year for us. Emily started pre-primary and we continue to homeschool. Emily also started dancing with the Twinkle Toes group at Gail Meade Academy of Performing Arts and has thrived there. Melissa, Emily and Edward also enjoyed […]

Still going #30lists

30 days of lists was interrupted by… a wonderful family holiday! So I’m adding the end of my lists as a part of Layout a Day this October Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Edward at 18 months

You can point to all the body parts and when you hit my nose with your head you pointed to your nose in sympathy… I hope! Makes a fishy sound, elephant, dog and more! Your words include Mum, Dad, teddy, shoes, socks You love to squint to prepare for the bright camera flash You like […]

#30lists Meaningful gifts given and received

This was a hard one. How can you tell is a gift is meaningful to another? Finding meaningful gifts I’ve received was a little easier.

Fifteen months

Love birds Love dogs more! Love anything soft and cuddly Happiest with a crayon in hand

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