Christmas Letter 2017

Our year was bookended with two special family events. My brother John getting married in February to my gorgeous new sister Kaitlin. Emily, Edward and Lucy were in the bridal party. What a wonderful day! In November my brother Daniel and his family visited from Seattle. After almost two years it was lovely to spend […]

#30lists Things I tend to worry about

I do worry too much about what is going on in people’s heads (including my own!). I’m working on that!

#30lists timewasters

Hmm, it seems that a lot of my timewasters are on the phone….

#30lists: What’s new this year

Listing Again!

I love doing month long challenges. So I’m in for 30 days of lists… I got my supplies from Simple Scrapper, Spotlight and prompts from 30 Days of Lists. I sat down and did the first 15 foundation pages last week. Somehow doing something daily really helps me keep up the momentum. Monthly roundups and […]

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