Christmas Letter 2017

Our year was bookended with two special family events. My brother John getting married in February to my gorgeous new sister Kaitlin. Emily, Edward and Lucy were in the bridal party. What a wonderful day! In November my brother Daniel and his family visited from Seattle. After almost two years it was lovely to spend… Continue reading Christmas Letter 2017

Bearing Gifts: December Daily Day 2

Today things went a little more smoothly with the advent calendar. Emily finished school in record time so she and Edward played together all afternoon. First, Pop to the Shops, then Wii Sports. She dressed in all white with a white headband and said “Do I look like a tennis player Mummy?” Lucy has been… Continue reading Bearing Gifts: December Daily Day 2

Edward at 32 months

In the past few months you have begun speaking in full sentences. I gave Daddy high five! Everything is really, really something. Really, really cold. Really, really dark. Really, really sunny. “All my’elf” You love to do things by yourself Your favourite jobs are: passing the begs for the washing, putting mummy’s water bottles in… Continue reading Edward at 32 months

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Sibling Love: 30 Days of Thankful

Edward and Lucy

Today I’m thankful for siblings. Seeing and hearing our little one playing together makes my heart happy. Emily and Edward each have songs they like to sing Lucy to cheer her up. Zippy the Zebra is Emily’s go to and Happy is Edward’s.

Edward: 30 Day of Thankful

 Today I’m thankful for my little boy Edward. You are a caring, tender hearted and playful little man. You care for us all and are especially watchful of Lucy. It’s a joy hearing you tell your own stories in real words now.  

Fifteen months

Love birds Love dogs more! Love anything soft and cuddly Happiest with a crayon in hand

10 months

Edward you have discovered your strong voice and love to talk loudly. Last month was all about standing and crouching, now you speed crawl everywhere you can and call for us if you ever think it will take too long to get there (like allll the way to the front door when Daddy gets home… Continue reading 10 months

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