Christmas Letter 2020

2020 has been a bit of a different year for everyone, hasn’t it? We have been thankful to have a little bit less disruption to our lives than many people around the world. After many socially distant laps around our local park during lockdown, we were thrilled to get back to our sports in May.… Continue reading Christmas Letter 2020

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Christmas Letter 2019

This year has been filled with all kinds of adventures! Some highlights were seeing all the beautiful flowers at Araluen, visiting the Pinnacles, taking the children fishing and attending our first test match at Perth Stadium. Matthew is nearly 4 and is a joyful participant in everything he does. He loves sport, music (he loves… Continue reading Christmas Letter 2019

Christmas Letter 2018

The Shanhun Family in 2018 Matthew is nearly 3 now. He is now sharing a room with Edward (which they love!) His favourite activity is riding his ride-on ‘motorbike’. He never misses an opportunity to join in backyard cricket or trampolining. Lucy has started home-schooling this year (kindy) and loves learning her letters and numbers.… Continue reading Christmas Letter 2018

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Christmas Letter 2017

Our year was bookended with two special family events. My brother John getting married in February to my gorgeous new sister Kaitlin. Emily, Edward and Lucy were in the bridal party. What a wonderful day! In November my brother Daniel and his family visited from Seattle. After almost two years it was lovely to spend… Continue reading Christmas Letter 2017

Christmas Letter 2016

We started 2016 with the arrival of Matthew Alexander Shanhun on the 5th of January (one week overdue). He has been an absolute delight and a lovely happy and placid baby. Matthew’s just starting to chatter (and say Dad!), pull himself up to stand and has 7 teeth. Emily has enjoyed a full year. As… Continue reading Christmas Letter 2016