Still going #30lists

30 days of lists was interrupted by… a wonderful family holiday! So I’m adding the end of my lists as a part of Layout a Day this October Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

#30lists Weird things that make me cry

So I don’t think any of these are really weird… but they do make me cry.

#30lists Childhood chores

Over the years I did a variety of chores, some with joy, some, not so much: Dishes was a love/hate relationship. I loved the dishwasher, and actually enjoyed singing with Dad washing the dishes, but can remember losing the plot one day and arguing about putting the dishes away for far longer than it would […]

#30lists Today I Saw

A lot of joy! We had an eventful day with voting, shopping (just me!), swimming lessons and an arvo with Uncle Steve. Sunday, I begin week in the life here too, so you can expect a few more words to appear on this blog.

#30lists timewasters

Hmm, it seems that a lot of my timewasters are on the phone….

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