Lucy at three months

family photo edited

At three months you are: Trying to roll Getting a little chatty Your eye clearing Some 000s are getting small You have Chubby thighs Loving the new frame for toys/playgym Started to giggle at just 3 months and 1 day. Lucy this month you have really started to smile a lot more. You are happy […]

Lucy at two months

2040818 2 months_3600

Since about 6 weeks you’ve been wearing size 000. In fact you are already too long for some of the 000s. You are really starting to vocalise, smile and interact with toys. You love to tell us stories about everything that happens. Edward is fascinated by you and each time you make a sound he […]

Lucy at 6 weeks


You are an amazing little girl. Since 6 weeks you have been sleeping 5-9 hours at a stretches at night. In the last week or so you’ve begun to vocalise, much more so since you had your frenotomy on Monday (11th August). You have been feeding well but are still adjusting to a correct latch. […]

Edward at two

Using tweezers to pick up his "fossil" dinosaur skeleton

You love to join in with the animal letter sound songs, art and animal action poems at school time each day. You love helping with the washing loading/unloading and pressing the start button is your favourite! You try to help with Emilys little Lego and she’s finally realised that you are trying to help, not […]

Lucy at one month


After just one month. you are settling in to family life. You are beginning to smile and respond to tickles. You love to look at the photos of Emily and Edward on our wall. Your eyes are dark blue and your hair is brown. We’ll wait to see when it goes blonde (and probably curly). […]

Welcome Lucy Claire

lucy melissa

In the past six months I’ve drafted dozens of posts here but haven’t managed to publish any of them. This one though, I will hit publish on! At 3:05 pm on the 18th of June, our little girl Lucy Claire was born. She was 3.580kg (7lb 14oz) and 51cm long. Five days overdue, Lucy kept […]

Another rest day: December Down Under Day 8

edward smiles

Phill, Emily and Edward headed to church this morning leaving me at home to rest (and not share the bugs with 300 other people at church!). Emily practised for her part in Family Service next weekend. Today I spent the whole of the day in bed and we called a Doctor to just check I […]

Cards, Carrie and Nurses: December Down Under Day 4

emily dancing boots

Today we set to work on our Christmas cards. Usually, I have them all posted by this time of year. But, as you can read here, November didn’t exactly go according to plan. Emily, Edward and I played with the paper, punches and stick on gems and pearls and managed to finish about 20 cards […]

Quiet Day: December Down Under Day 3

emily in bed reading

Another mild day in Perth, I thought I was supposed to be summer, but I won’t complain. After an early start with Edward and then Phill leaving on a trip to site we had a nice quiet day. Today we did the washing and tried to spend a little bit of time outside while it […]

A false start: December 1


So this year I got my dates wrong. For some reason I had it stuck in my head that Saturday was December 1. Phill was wondering why I wanted him to get the tree down early, but he didn’t mention it. As we drove home from Christmas shopping I heard an add for uni admissions […]

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