Lucy at 6 Months


This month you have been an absolute joy. You smile and laugh whenever we come to get you out of your bed. Your first food was pumpkin and you really enjoyed it. You screwed up your face when you taste something new but you actually seem to enjoy and and now you even grizzle for us […]

Edward at 32 months


In the past few months you have begun speaking in full sentences. I gave Daddy high five! Everything is really, really something. Really, really cold. Really, really dark. Really, really sunny. “All my’elf” You love to do things by yourself Your favourite jobs are: passing the begs for the washing, putting mummy’s water bottles in […]

Lucy at 5 months


Lucy Loves Zippy zebra Sleeping The music at church Pointing her finger Lucy Tried Water in a bottle Jumping in a jolly jumper Sitting in her high chair Sitting in the bumbo chair Lucy is Happy Smiley Chatty Giggly Most of the time. For a couple of week your eye teeth were bothering you and you […]

Learning: 30 Days of Thankful

For the past few years I’ve been part of the Abode Beta Testing Team for Photoshop Elements. I’m thankful that I’m able to keep my skills sharp and feedback to the team to make a real difference to the people who use PSE daily. Learn how to preserve your memories using #PSElements 13 in @Digiscraphq’s tutorial: […]

Freedom: 30 Days of Thankful


Today I’m thankful that I am free, and have the freedom to choose and support companies that pay their employees and treat them ethically. I appreciate that people cared for me and defended my rights to freedom and I want to do the same today.

Friends: 30 Days of Thankful


Today I’m thankful for friends. Little friends who come to play and share the sunshine between showers. It was such fun for Emily and Edward to share the afternoon with their little buddy.  

Hello Mornings: 30 Days of Thankful


For the past couple of years I’ve been encouraged through the ministry of Hello Mornings. I’m thankful for the women who put together a do-able study. Perfect for mums like me with limited quiet time. We also encourage each other to plan our days and get moving with simple exercise. We are encourage each other daily during […]

Sibling Love: 30 Days of Thankful

Edward and Lucy

Today I’m thankful for siblings. Seeing and hearing our little one playing together makes my heart happy. Emily and Edward each have songs they like to sing Lucy to cheer her up. Zippy the Zebra is Emily’s go to and Happy is Edward’s.

Happy Colours: 30 Days of Thankful

phone cover

Today I’m thankful for colour. On Friday I received my new phone cover from Artice It reminded me how much I love colour. So often my rewards to myself are colourful: nail polish, hair ties, stationery, digi scrapping kits. Colour cheers me up and helps me enjoy my day.

MOPS: 30 Days of Thankful


Today I’m thankful for MOPS. A hot cup of tea, a chance to learn something new, a chance to connect with Mums of Preschoolers

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