Still going #30lists

30 days of lists was interrupted by… a wonderful family holiday! So I’m adding the end of my lists as a part of Layout a Day this October Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

#30lists junk drawer, or lack thereof

So we don’t have a junk drawer, so I listed our mess ‘hot spots’ in our home

#30lists Weekend essentials

We like getting things done around the house, but weren’t prepared for a sick girl, mildew outbreak in our wardrobe (goodbye to several hats and most of my shoes!)

#30 lists September Faves so far

I could have said more!!

#30lists Things my family have taught me

A lot! I could barely fit them all in the pocket I created. Another positive way to fill my mind 🙂

#30lists Weird things that make me cry

So I don’t think any of these are really weird… but they do make me cry.

#30lists Childhood chores

Over the years I did a variety of chores, some with joy, some, not so much: Dishes was a love/hate relationship. I loved the dishwasher, and actually enjoyed singing with Dad washing the dishes, but can remember losing the plot one day and arguing about putting the dishes away for far longer than it would […]

#30lists rules to break

I like rules, generally. But I have written a few statements of rules that others have told me, and how I am not living by them: Motherhood brings guilt Old dogs can’t learn new tricks You shouldn’t take yourself so seriously/People can’t be happy all the time You can’t do it all Stress is just […]

#30lists Things younger me would like about current me

I think the younger me would be quite happy 🙂

Listing Again!

I love doing month long challenges. So I’m in for 30 days of lists… I got my supplies from Simple Scrapper, Spotlight and prompts from 30 Days of Lists. I sat down and did the first 15 foundation pages last week. Somehow doing something daily really helps me keep up the momentum. Monthly roundups and […]

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