Another rest day: December Down Under Day 8

Phill, Emily and Edward headed to church this morning leaving me at home to rest (and not share the bugs with 300 other people at church!). Emily practised for her part in Family Service next weekend. Today I spent the whole of the day in bed and we called a Doctor to just check I […]

Cards, Carrie and Nurses: December Down Under Day 4

Today we set to work on our Christmas cards. Usually, I have them all posted by this time of year. But, as you can read here, November didn’t exactly go according to plan. Emily, Edward and I played with the paper, punches and stick on gems and pearls and managed to finish about 20 cards […]

Quiet Day: December Down Under Day 3

Another mild day in Perth, I thought I was supposed to be summer, but I won’t complain. After an early start with Edward and then Phill leaving on a trip to site we had a nice quiet day. Today we did the washing and tried to spend a little bit of time outside while it […]

A false start: December 1

So this year I got my dates wrong. For some reason I had it stuck in my head that Saturday was December 1. Phill was wondering why I wanted him to get the tree down early, but he didn’t mention it. As we drove home from Christmas shopping I heard an add for uni admissions […]

#30lists junk drawer, or lack thereof

So we don’t have a junk drawer, so I listed our mess ‘hot spots’ in our home

#30lists Weekend essentials

We like getting things done around the house, but weren’t prepared for a sick girl, mildew outbreak in our wardrobe (goodbye to several hats and most of my shoes!)

#30lists Bad Habits

I’m not really sure about this one. I am sure I do a lot of bad things, but are they habits… not sure. Anyway here’s a few for me to work on.

#30 lists September Faves so far

I could have said more!!

Superbunny and suitcases – Week in the Life Day 3

After a disturbed night thanks to Phill’s early morning flight, I began the day with a little girl playing inside suitcases… again. A load or two of washing and then out… Tuesday was a fun morning with friends, and six children running around outside and making music inside. Tea and scones, plus apple muffins. All […]

#30lists Things my family have taught me

A lot! I could barely fit them all in the pocket I created. Another positive way to fill my mind 🙂

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