December 18th, 20th 21st

Some of you may know our little girl was in hospital for a couple of weeks in November. Then on Wednesday she knocked her baby tooth back at a horrible angle (which was painful and not good, since she’s only 4 it needs to stay in for a while longer. The tooth seems to be ok, the dentist till have another look in the new year).

So she’s not been able to eat too well. And has been waking Phill up in the night to eat food! (Yes, I’m one of those annoying women who doesn’t hear crying children. I do hear asthma attacks though!)

Then last night we went out looking at Christmas lights and we all couldn’t breathe last night. I gave Emily some ventolin, but after 30mins she was still wheezing and wanted to go to hospital. It must have been something in the air, as Edward and I also were coughing. Phill took her down to the hospital but she was fine by the time they saw her.

This morning? He got up and out by 7:45am to go help set up the stage for the Christmas carols (our church holds an event with about 12 0000 people tomorrow).

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