How to use a digital scrapbook template

Do you want to learn how to use a template to create a beautiful scrapbook page?


The videos below explain in detail how I created this layout from a template. Why not grab the free Shabby Miss Jenn Project 365 templates and follow along.


Step 1 – Save your file as a new name

Open and save your template

Step 2 – Select your photos, I used Picasa for this step

Select your photos

Step 3 – Place your photos in the layout and clip them to the photo spots in the template

Place your photos into your layout

Includes tips on placing files, moving layers, constraining proportions, resizing photo spots and more!

Step 4 – Add papers to your layout

Add papers to complement your photos.

Using the place command, easily add papers and clip them to your template layers.

Step 5 – Add embellishments and journal

Add embellishments and journal


Shabby Miss Jenn – Splish Splash Girl

Splish Splash Girl

Free Shabby Miss Jenn Project 365 templates

FREEBIE~365 Day Template Bundle Vol 2

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