Creating a double page spread in Shutterfly

Ever wanted to split your two page layout or a large panorama photo over two pages in Shutterfly? Here’s how!

Creating a double page in Shutterfly, I’m using a page size of 12×12, but you can alter this to fit the book you are creating.

To begin

Option 1 Create two jpg files from your PSD

  • Go to the Image Menu, then click- Resize then Canvas Size. And you should see a dialog box similar to this one


  • For the Left hand side – change the New size width to 11.95 inches


  • Under Anchor Click the left arrow so that it matches the above – this means it will cut off the right hand edge.
  • Click OK to apply the change in canvas size
  • Click OK to warning message – we want the clipping to occur.
  • Save this end result as a JPG file.
  • Open up the saved PSD and repeat for the right hand side – this time setting it to anchor on the right.
  • Then upload the 2 new photos and place them each in a full page template.

Option 2 Split in Shutterfly

  • Save the whole file as a jpg
  • Upload it to Shutterfly and follow the directions here to create a two page spread
  • Place the scrapbook page into each side of the book pages
  • Move it around until the preview looks lined up with the fold

Print and enjoy your book!

Want to create a smaller book with two page spreads?

If you want to create a different size books the details on the dimensions you need are on Shutterfly’s site here.

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