Melbourne Cup! Answers to FAQs Yes I did go in the $2 sweep No my horse (On A Jeune) did not win me anything Yes I did wear a hat No we did not have a hat competition (nor did anyone else wear a hat) Archives and Records hosted a lovely lunch at the Irwin […]

I’ve been working really hard on our group assignment plus working of course. It has been really flat out but I’m sure we’ll do fine (fingers crossed). Our project is implementation plan for a $2 million dollar eCRM, and online training system for an imaginary Software Training, Sales and Support company. All this for a […]

Fuel Campference Though the camp (1-3 October) was a little smaller due to the venue mess up Phil Stevenson still preached up a storm as predicted. It was great fun and I met a few new faces at the final dinner. I got to play at all but the final night rally, which was help […]

Kyleigh SMSed me on Wednesday to see if want to go out to the ballet at His Majesty’s Theatre on Thursday night. The WA Ballet is currently performing Romeo and Juliet and Kyleigh had tickets to the dress rehearsal the night before it premieres. Of course I could not refuse an offer like that. So […]

Now, would you believe that two large events have been double booked in a week? Saturday night’s Youth Alive WA rally was at the Perth Exhibition Convention Centre (Dan & Mike filmed). This 6500 seat event was double booked with a finance conference so Youth Alive wasn’t allowed to rehearse/make noise until it had finished! […]

Mike B and Loren are engaged. I have now gone to my first ever engagement party. It was great to chance to catch up with some Whitford people and Chris. The house looked so beautiful and I loved the cakes Mike’s was decorated had music notes and Loren’s scissors and comb (she is a hairdresser […]

What is better than spending an afternoon shopping with your bestest buddy? Not much in my book 🙂 We managed to get Ky a full outfit and accessories without breaking the budget. It was a great chance to catch up with all her news and a nice break for me. I am managing my uni […]

Fuel @ Central – yes Fuel is back. After Sunday Shift every fortnight at Whitford we have x-box, table tennis, even carpet bowls, Matt insists this is daggy but that never stopped people having fun. Anyone want to challenge Josh and Jordan to a game of scrabble? I have to admit the girls seem to […]

I’ve been on leave this week which has been good. I have been shopping, tidying, organising, practicing piano and finishing off my Creative Memories album for – except that I am still not 100% (I had three days off sick last week) Sunday our life group had a English Sunday Roast themed lunch at the […]

As I haven’t written lately I have quite bit to tell you all! The latest development at Whitties is our short film festival – Reel Life Film Festival. Michael is working on at least one entry – I can’t wait to see it! Our Life group has taken to having bring and share themed dinner […]

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